Xtracycle Stirrups


Note: To protect tiny toes (and big feet) FreeLoaders or wheel guards are required when carrying passengers outside of the PeaPod III.

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We tried to come up with something clever to call the Stirrups, but they just are what they are: Stirrups! While the U-tubes are great for taller passengers who can reach them, and the Yepp Maxi has footrests built in, there is an awkward age where kids are too big for the seat, but not yet tall enough to reach the U-tubes. Stirrups to the rescue! They give smaller passengers a place to keep their feet, resulting in a more stable and secure ride. We recommend that Stirrups only be used with a Hooptie in place. 

Additional information

Shipping weight 2 kg
Box dimensions 20 x 10 x 10 cm